Author: Cherry Tigris

Born on the West Coast and adopted into the East Coast elite, author Cherry Tigris wasn't even given a deck of cards to play with in this game of life, let alone parents who genuinely cared about her upbringing. Her adopted mother is driven by a narcissistic rage that is fueled by a toxic case of consumerism that would please the most adamant followers of Martha Stewart and Oprah.
Following a strict daily regime that could be ripped right out of the, “Better Homes & Gardens” catalog, her mentally ill adopted mother is more than happy to play her own hand in cruel and torturous ways, that would have even Hannibal Lecter spinning in his grave.

As polished and perfect as things may appear on the outside of this family’s tree, it's center tells a very different story as documented by the dolls Cherry Tigris created to sustain her. 

Building armies of dolls out of toilet paper, Cherry Tigris refuses to succumb to a life of beatings and neglect at the hands of her mentally ill adoptive mother. Opting to fight back in the only way she knows how, Cherry Tigris creates a fantasy world of toilet paper dolls in order to distract her from a brutally unforgiving childhood of broken promises.

While learning life’s most crucial lessons
at the hands of her toilet paper people,
Cherry Tigris develops an unwavering
spirit and true grit that is wowing
every spine it touches. 

After feeling emotionally diseased for most of her life, she embarked on the process of writing down what she could remember in order to make sense of what had become her life. In the process, she discovered her purpose in becoming an advocate for other homeless teens and young adults.

Toilet Paper People
Paperback, Kindle, Nook, Audio


  1. I've never visited your blog before. My father was a full blown alcoholic who was emotionally, verbally, and physically abusive. My mother was religiously, verbally, and emotionally abusive. I'm 50 years old and still working through all the stuff around my childhood. Emotional and psychological trauma to the point of PTSD for me - coupled with bouts of severe depression, a deep dive into substance abuse and addiction, and multiple suicidal attempts. My brother was even more seriously affected and I lost him in 1999. My sisters have become my mother, riddled with consumerism with the whole "strict daily regime ripped right out of Better Homes and Gardens.

  2. Bob, I am totally part of your tribe --- there are so many of us who have been plagued by this type of child abuse and the only solace is that we can find others who can relate. Without people like you, this life really wouldn't be worth much to me. I get lost in my art and was doing that so often that I almost lost myself. After writing the book, I was fortunate to hear other stories that were ODDLY similar and those people started forming a community that I cherish like one would a REAL family. I have almost given up too - so happy to have met you and I would love to send you a copy of my book when it is re-released in September. Email me your address info and I will make sure a copy gets to you! cherrytigris@gmail.com. Peace.