Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Special Thank You to An Garagiola-Bernier for Her Endorsement

"Even though we've not met in person, I believe in the things you do. From The Toilet Paper People, to The True Story of Anna Lynn Hurd, and now your work with the homeless, you use life’s obstacles as a stage. Opening people’s eyes to the ugly truths around them is not easy. Child abuse, domestic violence and women's rights are huge aspects of homelessness. Safety and security are basic human rights; thank you for defending them. Despite the fact that the majority of homeless people are women and children, there are very few shelters for women. There are even fewer for those who identify as GLBT. Outfront Minnesota is one of the few that come to mind. I admire you for using your gift of writing as a voice for those who are suppressed by society's myths about conformity. Over the summer I will be working on research; we hope to introduce a bill during the next legislative session that would bring #unconditionalhousing to MN. Keep doing what you're doing, Cherry Tigris. You are making a difference. It is only when you're doing it so successfully that the haters appear. You've made it, girl!"

An Garagiola-Bernier
Komorkis Research and Activism

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